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AfricadotNet Consulting Specialized Services

Customer Software Development

 We have been building cutting-edge custom Windows software solutions for a while. Our applications run on Windows Server (all versions), Windows 2000, XP, Vista ,7, 8 and 10. Most important, we also create web interfaces with each on of our customer development projects allowing for web access. Yes, the answer to your question is yes, allowing for platform independence.

Database Development

(We actually have a passion for database development, Strange, we know)
Database systems we work with on a daily bases include Microsoft SQL Server , MySQL, Microsoft Access, Informix (IBM).

Desktop to Web Migration

 In short, we take any desktop application, do a full analysis and build a Browse Based version of your desktop application using the latest web technology and design methodology out there to ensure effective migration of your particular application to the Web.

Software Consulting Services

Probably the most valuable service we offer. At AfricaDotNet Consulting, we understand that your requirements are unique, therefore  whether you are looking to purchase or custom build a software program for your business, our expert advisory services will include an array of scenario-targeted services which all drive our value point. "We are dedicated to the prosperity of our clients"
Our Software development philosophy of using tried and a tested development methodology to unearth “Fit for Business” requirements is what has contributed not only to our success but to that of our clients.


Give us a call on 021 837 1974 for a free analysis of your business requirements to help identify and match your needs.

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