About AfricaDotNet

With over 15 years of professional IT Business Solutions experience, there's nothing we cannot advise on and nothing to complex for you to ask about.

To wet your appetite, here is a list of some of the key features we offer:

  • CRM
  • Stock Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Web Interface
  • Auditing
  • Business Intelligence
  • ...and much...much more

How Can We Help You Improve Your Business Performance?

We believe this to be the most important service we offer. Each and every company's requirements are unique, therefore our approach to solving your specific requirement must reflect this. We consult on every aspect of business with the single purpose of improving your performance. From the need to automate your office, redesign your corporate image or develop a complex software system, we are there to help you through it. We are not simple programmers and/or web designers, we are systems analysts with excellent programming skills.

We don't try re-invent the wheel. If there is an off-the-shelf product that will satisfy your need, we'll tell you about it. We have clients for whom we have not written a single line of code, and others where we have simply extended a 3rd party application. Like many things related to custom software, providing software consulting services is more involved than it first appears.

  • Mobility - This is our ability to access all our standard desktop funtionality via the Web, on any platform. Simply put, you can access your information from any device such as your Apple IPad, Andriod Cell phone, Mac or Windows laptop. Any device with a Web browser.
  • TNADotNet (Manage staff log in and out of the office). Export to Payroll System.
  • AccountingDotNet (keep up to date financial records). Finanical Reporting includes Trial Balance, Age Analysis, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and more.
  • RecruitmentDotNet (used by small to medium human resources departments up to larger Recruitment Agencies)
  • EnterpriseDotNet (used by small to medium sized businesses).

Data mining of information made fast and easy to the desktop or internet browsers. Maximize your ability to have any information you require at your fingertips without analyzing reams of reports. Sales, Stock Items, Financials, Profit and Loss all at the click of a mouse.

Tracking and tracing of item history, sales statistics can easily be accessed, printed, saved or e-mailed directly to interested parties. Flexible filters combined with management and statistical reports provide a myriad of reporting options.

Comprehensive system training, provided by qualified computer lectures, on or off site at your convenience. Including detailed training manuals in an outcome based environment.

AfricaDotNet offers a number of tailor-made courses which address the wide spectrum of our solutions and user groups. Training covers basic to advanced levels and are also provided for new installations.

Additionally, we offer refresher courses which are typically scheduled at the beginning of the financial year or on request.

AfricaDotNet Services

Systems Integration

We have extensive experience Integrating various systems using technologies such as Web API's, SDK Development, CSV File Automated Importers. We integrate with systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, Acumatica ERP, Pastel Partner and Evolution

Database architecture

We know that a carefully thought-out database design forms the foundation for future success. Our design approach consists of the following steps:

- Determine the purpose of your database
- Find and organize the information required
- Divide the information into tables
- Turn information items into columns
- Specify primary keys
- Set up the table relationships
- Refine our design
- Apply the normalization rules

Custom Software Development

We know that software support is a vital aspect of any Post Sales Service. More than this, it is our aim to get you to use the software to its full potential. Taking this into account, we believe you should not have to pay for the ability to get help when needed. This service is included in your License Agreement. Our support includes a service guarantee to addresses client concerns about the delivered product and to reduce the learning curve for new users.

Business/Software Consulting

Probably the most valuable service we offer. At AfricaDotNet Consulting, we understand that your requirements are unique, therefore whether you are looking to purchase or custom build a software program for your business, our expert advisory services will include an array of scenario-targeted services which all drive our value point.

Web design

Our websites are cutting edge, using high quality design techniques.

- Valid CSS/XHTML for faster web page load times
- Cross-Browser compatibility with all major internet browsers
- Compatibility across platforms like PC, Mac, and Linux
- SEO-Friendly content searchable by Google and other search engines
- Training Video Tutorials to teach how to use your new website.
- Streamlined Design Process Planning

Desktop to Web Migrations

In short, we take any desktop application, do a full analysis and build a Browse Based version of your desktop application using the latest web technology and design methodology out there to ensure effective migration of your particular application to the Web.

Let's Work Together!